Lives and communities for a Sustainable Future! About Tellus Think Tank


About Tellus Think Tank – the web magazine for a Sustainable Future

Lives and communities for a Sustainable Future! About Tellus Think Tank
Lives and communities for a Sustainable Future!

About Tellus Think Tank,  we write for a Sustainable Future and share ideas and inspiration for improvements in lives and communities.

Tellus Think Tank explores sustainable best practises, ideas and technology.  We look at big trends and small happenings.

Many things need to change to help form a sustainable future on Earth.
Options need to be explored. People across the globe need to embrace lifestyle changes and become aware of their sustainable choices. We believe that communities, cities and countries can empower people to live sustainable lifestyles.

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About Tellus Think Tank writers – for a Sustainable Future

Tellus Think Tank is made by a non-profit network of writers sharing sustainable initiatives, ideas, technologies and best practises from around the world. We are non-political in all other perspectives.

By gathering around this web magazine we hope to share and inspire people, communities and organisations.
Our hope is that the more sustainable paths towards the future will be chosen.

Help make a difference and publish an article with us on a sustainable best practice, idea, happening or technology.
By sharing you could help inspire others to chose more sustainable ways. Interested in making a difference, you can reach us here!

About funding – for a Sustainable Future

Are you interested in funding the quest for a Sustainable Future?
Please send us a message if you want to help support the Tellus Think Tank cause.

Tellus Think Tank
Tellus Think Tank
About Tellus Think Tank founder Domi
Tellus Think Tank founder, Domi.




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