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November 2015: Welcome to the opening of TellusThinkTank – offering inspiration and best practises to increase the sustainability in lives and communities! by Domi 2015-11-11

The TellusThinkTank-team has been talking to many people lately. Subjects have been organic products, global warming and sustainability in production, sustainability in daily lives and communities. During our conversations the team has made several findings that hit us as strange or contradictory, and worth exploring!

Photo: AnnVixen, 2014

The Global warming is a very large and almost mythical area, and we found an unexpected stance.“Global Warming is not an issue! The atmosphere would have been heated due to the natural processes of earth and not because of the doings of humans!” This stance is shared by persons we have spoken to in several countries, some say they want to believe, others say they choose to believe in this “truth”.


In contradiction media is reporting from United Nations meetings, from European Union meetings and from research- and scientist reports around the globe: “The nature of Earth and all species living here are in serious trouble due to the unnatural heating of our globe – as a result of mankind having emitted more carbon dioxide particles than our world can swallow in a natural way.”  
If these reports are correct and the world we live in is in a fix, the team is wondering what is been done about saving Earth?

2014-12-14-14.01.54-Brysselkål-i-ho-e1447404225104-1024x1024Others persons we have met are wondering if they can trust the organic branding of food and if it really is organic or if the branding is only used to increase profits.

Another interesting finding is that many of us don’t know what organic food really means. –“Why should I be buying organically marked food? A balanced diet will continue to help me get through life in a healthy way!”  

Well, what does it mean when products, such as apples or chicken, are branded “organic”?

TellusThinkTank aims to answer these types of questions and will also be sharing sustainable innovations and ideas from around the globe. Our purpose is to inspire many more to move towards the future in more sustainable ways!

As TellusThinkTank is all about learning more about sustainable lives and communities and inspire more to follow best practises of the world the articles will be numbered so that the exploratory journey of TellusThinkTank will be easy to follow!

Please feel welcome to read “Is Earth doing alright? No002.

Ps. Maybe you would like to share something sustainable that you have done or something sustainable that has excited you? Tell us at Tellus Think Tank if you do! Ds.


Tellus Think Tank
Tellus Think Tank


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