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The articles you will find at Tellus Think Tank are for a Sustainable Future.  We aim to share ideas and inspiration for better sustainability in lives and communities around our globe.

Tellus Think Tank investigates sustainably good ways of doing things, ideas and technology.  We look at big trends and small happenings.

Many things need to change to help form a sustainable future on Earth. Options need to be explored. People across the globe need to make lifestyle changes and become aware of what the sustainable choices is.

The general findings of our investigations show that communities, countries and cities could empower people to more sustainable lifestyles! Do you want to learn more? Good, we are happy that you found us!

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Tellus Think Tank is a non-profit network of writers that are gathering to improve the future. We call ourselves a friendly force of individuals and share sustainable initiatives, ideas, technologies and best practises from around the world.

We are non-political in all other perspectives.

By inviting you to the Tellus Think Tank web magazine we hope to inspire you and other people, communities and organisations. We will share ideas for you to identify the sustainable paths towards the future.

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